Design can transform the way we do things, and result in better quality of life. Plan your space helps solve problems in ways that are functionally and aesthetically pleasing and make economic sense

We are a team that is Passionate about Homes and Workspaces. We collectively bring you years of interior designing experience with homes, offices and retail spaces. With our expertise in space management and your area requirements, we can deliver online solutions no matter the space limitations.

Our Work


    As an elderly couple, Mr. and Mrs. Mehta needed their home to be fully functional, convenient and easy to maintain.
    Making optimum use of the existing space, we transformed their 2BHK home into a 'smart' home.


    Mr. Bhansali had a beautiful 2BHK home, which he shares with his family.
    We transformed the layout into a 3BHK which was not only comfortable but also spacious to accommodate a very content family.


    The family that eats together stays together" is an old adage that perfectly describes joint families in India. The Jains live in a joint family, following a motto just like this. We equipped their residence to suit their larger needs of space and comfort, using intelligent features like multi-functional spaces and additional storage.


    We ensured that Mr Desai's publication house is marked by tones of sophistication and professionalism, traits that he highly values. The conference room and secure compactor storage that we included in our plan were the talking point of many conversations thereafter.


    For diamond trader Mr Mehta's office, we faced the challenge of limited space. To resolve this, we recommended the use of compact furniture for circulation space, which led to effective utilization of the available area.


    There is a grocery store found in every corner of the city. Mr. Gupta wanted to make his shop stand out from the rest by offering a smooth and organized experience. We planned it in to different formats. Self-help supermarket or serviced kirana store. The clutter was arranged in systematic display and shelving units.